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Infrastructure Templates

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How does CloudFormation work

CloudFormation turns a template (JSON or YAML) into a stack like the following figure shows.


You can apply updates to an existing stack with an updated template. CloudFormation will figure out what needs to be changed.

Never make manual changes to infrastructure managed by CloudFormation!


Imagine you want to set up a Jenkins automation server. This project uses templates as modules to reuse infrastructure components. Some are optional, while others are required. The following figure shows templates that are needed to set up Jenkins.

Example: Modules

If you create a stack, you sometimes have to supply parameters that start with Parent. That's the mechanism to pass dependent stacks into a stack.

Let's look at the first dependency.

VPC dependency (required)

Many templates depend on a VPC stack. The VPC is a required dependency.

VPC dependency

Alert dependency (optional)

If you want to receive alerts when things go wrong, you can optionally supply an alert stack.

Alert dependency

I highly recommend using an alert stack. Otherwise, you will not know when things go wrong (and they will!).

SSH bastion host dependency (optional)

If you want to add some extra security, you can use an SSH bastion host.

SSH bastion host dependency

The bastion host has a optional dependency on the alert stack. So if you want to receive alerts if your bastion hosts is in trouble, supply an alert stack.


Finally, you can create the Jenkins stack.


The cool thing is that you can re-use the dependencies. E.g., you can use the same SSH bastion host for Jenkins and WordPress.


All templates are published under Apache License Version 2.0.


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Training and Consulting

Do you want to accelerate your start with AWS CloudFormation and our templates? We do offer remote and on-site training for you and your team. Are you looking for guidance on how to use or adapt our templates to your use case? We offer consulting services as well. Contact us, and we’ll accelerate your project.


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